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Schock Metal

Schock Metal stands for precision in ball bearing slides and special profiles. For more than 40 years, we have been using the high-precision Schock roll forming technology to manufacture telescopic slides and other sliding systems.

We work with our customers to develop customized solutions. You benefit from reliable project processing and quality "Made in Germany".

  • Co-engineering

    Capabilities Engineering Schock

    In the course of the company history, Schock Metal has gathered extensive and unique expertise that offers key advantages to our customers


  • Schock roll forming technology

    Schock roll forming technology

    Schock roll forming technology - precision and dynamics. Schock roll forming technology includes a wide range of technologies and integrated



    smooth-action AIR MOTION sliding systems

    The new smooth-action AIR MOTION® sliding systems represent an entirely new product generation based on traditional telescopic slide profiles


  • Comfort systems

    The glove compartment is designed as a drawer with a capacity of 2.9 gallon. The Schock drawer slides can withstand 66 lbs without effort