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Roll forming: Special profiles - high-precision construction elements

In many applications, precision profiles in accordance with customer requirements form the basis for innovative products with added value. The underlying technology of roll profiling offers substantial advantages, from high material efficiency to a virtually unlimited range of shapes and integrated processes. Schock Metal has been using this process to manufacture pull-out guides and roll-formed special profiles for over 40 years.

The extraordinary precision of Schock's roll forming technology represents a specialty of the supplier, headquartered in the Swabian town of Urbach. All profiling systems are designed and implemented in-house, based on the company's overall concept. Developed in-house, high-performance punching systems with extremely short cycle times ensure the economical production of freely falling construction elements. Parallel profiling on so-called duoline systems enables the synchronous production of associated profiles, which are further processed and assembled in downstream processes. All systems work in a start/stop mode with extremely steep acceleration curves. As a result, they form the basis for dynamic production processes. The various processing options are another basis for economic mass production: In addition to various punching and embossing operations, inline threads are formed, components are connected and plastic parts are joined. The competencies of the rollforming specialist also include self-developed tools. As such, they ensure virtually burr-free profile edges and a precise cut without the dreaded "Springback" effect.

Economical serial production using different lengths

A key selling point is the comparably cheap investment with different lengths of a defined profile cross-section. Because it is only the cutting tool that has to be positioned accordingly during roll profiling, there are no additional tooling costs for different lengths. This pays off, e.g. in the automotive industry if, for each vehicle model a different profile length is needed for the boot cover. Here, favourable efficient material utilization is another typical feature of roll forming technology: As a result of the intelligent design of the profile geometry, thin-walled sheets are formed into stable construction components. The basic material for many interior applications is hot-dip galvanised steel. High-strength steels, stainless steels or non-ferrous metals are used for special operating conditions. Optional, additional surface refinement prolongs resistance against corrosion and creates an appealing appearance on visible parts.

Pull-out guides with smooth running characteristics

Schock Metal's original business model is based around customised pull-out guides with special convenient functions. The company's growth markets include, for example, white goods. In modern refrigerators and freezers telescopic slides are used for pulling out the drawers, easily and conveniently. Special profiles with a high-gloss finish protect the glass shelves from damage. The AIR MOTION® smooth running guides, which were awarded the "Interzum Award" as a result of the integrated pull-in damping, offer tangible added value in premium devices and generate emotional buying impulses. Even in modern kitchen furniture, smooth running guides with convenient functions are on the rise, as Head of Marketing, Daniel Hoefer explains: "Users want to use the storage space effectively and experience tangible added value. Pull-out guides, made from roll-formed precision profiles also form the basis for innovative market solutions in this business sector". 

The company sees itself as a "full-service supplier" with regard to its customers: From application consulting and co-engineering to the joint definition of integrated functions and the development of optimum connection strategies.

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