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Living / Storage: Current pull-in systems for Schock's telescopic slides

Dampened pull-in systems are indispensable in modern kitchen fittings. They ensure the secure and comfortable closing of storage compartments, drawers, waste collectors, wire baskets and pharmacist cabinets.

The drawer slide supplier Schock Metal America, Inc. launched the first integrated drawer runner system in the early 1990s. As a world first, another milestone was the introduction of the "Soft Control" pull-in damping system. The air/friction damper in combination with a specially designed, patented spring mechanism ensures automatic, quiet and gentle closing as well as a visually appealing slide movement. Pre-assembled, ready for installation and fully integrated into the profile geometry of Schock's full extension telescopic slides, this system offers maximum design freedom. The fully integrated "soft control" pull-in system has since been modified and modernised several times. The latest generation has now been optimised for heavy load applications with an extremely uneven load distribution.

Due to the diverse and often very specific customer requirements, the company now offers several pull-in damping variants. In this case, the damping system can be arranged partially or completely outside the profile geometry in order to achieve a higher load-bearing capacity or to use compact pull-outs with less installation space. In the case of pull-out connecting rods for pharmacist cabinets, the pull-in system is mounted on a floor board and controlled via the telescopic slide module. An optional additional damping in the upper guide stabilises the guide system and in doing so, ensures a particularly smooth transition into the pull-in phase.

In many applications, separate pull-in damping is used at the customer's request. However, the use of high-quality, easy-running guides is an essential prerequisite for proper function. The patented "AIR MOTION" smooth-running guides, which were awarded the interzum "Best of the Best" award in 2015, meet these requirements and also work extremely quietly. As such, they convey tangible added value for the user and a high quality appearance.

Schock Metal has launched two 'landing pages' in order to showcase its range of services: The website focuses on the customer benefits of individual guidance systems. The website addresses the trend towards smooth running, quiet comfort pull-out systems based on current case studies.

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