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Living / Storage: Comfortable movement in the kitchen cabinet

In order to comfortably reach the versatile storage space, modern pull-out technology is indispensable in kitchen cabinets. Schock's smooth running guides form the basis for the comfortable movement of wire baskets, trays or corner cabinet pull-outs.

In order to also use the areas of the cabinet which are usually more difficult to access, manufacturers of kitchen fittings are developing increasingly sophisticated solutions, from extendable shelves and swivel mechanisms to linearly adjustable wire basket pull-outs. A literally magical movement is conveyed by these "Magic Corner" corner cabinet pull-outs which are available in various versions. The individually-configured ball bearing guides from Schock are essential functional components. Depending on the application, they are designed as runners or telescopic slides with the corresponding load capacity. Integrated connection systems contribute to an optimised production process for the customer and reduce the variety of parts as well as the assembly costs.

Metal trays for laundry baskets is a relatively new field of application for cabinet equipment. These are placed on the telescopic slides without tools and can simply be removed and put in another place if necessary. In addition to the main use in laundries, these solutions can also be found in compact kitchens, where individually and flexibly configurable cabinets are needed. An exemplary solution was displayed at the Imm fair in the form of the so-called "Hailo Laundry Area". It truly convinced visitors, not least because of the running comfort of the "Air Motion" smooth running guides. Schock Metal offers complete pull-out systems for pharmacist cabinets, consisting of a telescopic slide package at the bottom and a stabilising rail at the top. The lower guide system includes optional pull-in damping and integrated height adjustment. The complete range now comes with load ratings of 120 kg, 100 kg and 80 kg, with and without pull-in damping. Daniel Hoefer, Head of Marketing at Schock Metal, has noted that there is increasing demand, especially for the lightweight systems that can also be used in the base cabinet. For this field of application, the company has showcased a particularly economical variant at SICAM in Pordenone and has also launched it onto the market.

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