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Automotive: Clever use of storage space

Work on the move, exchange ideas with business partners or friends, enjoy music: In many modern vehicles with assistance systems, the occupants have more freedom - the cars are transformed into more than a mere means of transport. The interior concepts have to be correspondingly clever.

Where can I put my iPad? The sunglasses also have to go somewhere, and my wallet. – In modern vehicles ride comfort is often not the only selling point. Because the vehicle is used for different purposes, storage space becomes even more important.

The automotive supplier Schock Metal has been producing pull-out systems for the furniture industry for many years. This wealth of experience is increasingly being used by car manufacturers and their tier 1 suppliers to fit vehicles with attractive interior components. Co-engineering based on customer requirements is one of the special strengths of the engineering specialist for roll-formed components. As a development partner, the medium-sized supplier works with its customers to create unique solutions for functional and design components based on roll-formed precision profiles. Schock's guidance systems are characterised by running that is continuously stable and a high level of resistance to vibration and corrosion. In terms of materials, Schock's special profiles are the efficient solution for designing individual assemblies.

"AIR MOTION" smooth running guides picked up the Interzum award and have proven to be particularly comfortable. These work extremely smoothly and quiet – and due to their special product properties, they also offer significant advantages in electrified systems or components that work with external energy.

One example is dampened "push pull" systems with space-saving installation and optimum travel, something which would not be possible with conventional plastic solutions. For example, these systems are used in the glove box, with innovative concepts for accessibility and storage options in the future. Linear pull-out systems allow easy access to even the furthest corners of storage compartments.

As a high-performance supplier to the automotive industry, Schock Metal offers individual solutions for interiors – with functions that meet current and future interior requirements.

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